About Us

St. Mark Lutheran Church in Sheboygan, WI

St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church was established in 1909 by the grace of God and the determination of a progressive group of Christians. They saw the need to establish an English-speaking Lutheran church in Sheboygan as an alternative to the prevailing German language churches in this area. The new and present church was designed and built during the tenure of Rev. Louis Huber and was dedicated on May 25, 1969.

Each of our pastors has served well and endeavored to instill in the members of our congregation that we, the people of St. Mark, are the real ministers of the Word, and the pastors are engaged in encouraging, educating and equipping us to accept our God-given responsibilities to spread the Gospel and serve His people.

We were blessed to celebrate our Centennial Year in 2009. For all the blessings showered on St. Mark in the past and for the faith to face our challenging future, we are eternally grateful to God. As God calls all of us to do His work, let us go forth with good courage, knowing that He is with us and His hand ever sustains us.